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A Day in the Life of an Operations Manager

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There is not one day that goes by that can be called “routine” for Beck Technology Operations Manager Donna Williamson. Though she does perform all the tasks formally written under the operations manager job description, there is a lot more of “other duties as assigned” to nail down a typical day for Donna. 

Affectionately known as ‘Mama Bear,’ Donna has been with Beck Technology for 11 years and started out working with accounts payable and receivable. However, as the company grew, so did Donna’s role. As we hired more people, the need for onboarding, training, and building team resources became apparent.  

Though a lot of what Donna does now is what many companies refer to as an office manager, her primary responsibilities are the people-first operations (hence the nickname Mama Bear) that keep Beck Technology’s core values of passion, innovation, and caring alive every day. Knowing that her job at Beck Technology does make a difference like concentrating on employee growth and ensuring that every team member has what they need to be successful is one of the most rewarding parts of her job. 

When asked what is one of her proudest accomplishments, Donna said it is co-chairing the diversity, inclusion, and belonging efforts that embody Beck Technology’s core values.  

Because Donna’s role at Beck Technology is so pivotal to keeping our core values of passion, innovation, and caring reflected in everything that we do, we decided to ask her not about the menial tasks she does every day to keep the ship afloat but about those aspects of her job that can’t be written down on a job description.  

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