Spending More Time Analyzing Data & Seeing Trends Is the Preconstruction Difference

A preconstruction data lifecycle technology gives your team the insights to make more effective decisions and win more customers with estimating clarity.


The Future is Here … a Preconstruction Data Lifecycle Platform

DESTINI Estimator is a preconstruction data lifecycle technology that enables efficient and effective decision-making, so your team can focus on more valuable and strategic work.

  • Drive estimates using estimate history
  • Reduces risk of errors, integrating activities done independently
  • Provides an efficient method of producing estimates and deliverables
  • Creates time to focus on value-add activities comparing current estimates
  • Responds to owner’s requests without manually editing data

Benefits of DESTINI Estimator

DESTINI Estimator encourages team alignment, turns insight into action, accelerates innovation, and comes with unparalleled support.


Scoping and implementing estimating software are the biggest hurdles to the vetting process. Explore DESTINI Estimator and get hands-on with the technology and our team.

Born From Construction

A passionate, innovative, and caring Beck Technology team is part of every aspect of the technology and share a vision to revolutionize the industry.

More About Beck Technology

I saw DESTINI Estimator in its earliest stages, and even then it was a truly innovative product. With the advancements and additions in the product since then, it became an obvious choice for ERDMAN, especially as we continue growing every year. The lengths Beck Technology has gone to implement our feedback into Estimator only confirmed our decision.


I talked to Beck Technology’s existing customers and they couldn’t stop saying enough good things about the DESTINI software and the team. Since going through the process of exploring DESTINI Estimator I have witnessed firsthand why companies are fans of the Beck Technology team and their products. Not only will Estimator be a huge benefit to Marriott’s construction processes but I look forward to working with Beck Technology to enhance estimating technology for the industry.

Marriott International

We started this process by discussing the challenges we are facing as an organization and the overall direction we wanted to go. Once we gained a better understanding of both solutions Beck Technology was presenting us with today and the direction they are heading in the future, it became clear that these are the best solutions for today and for the future of our business.

PARIC Corporation

Customer Reviews and Stories of Success

Why We Understand

We aren’t just a technology company. We live to empower the people that build our world. Beck Technology was born out of The Beck Group’s internal team dedicated to developing technology to power their own team’s preconstruction efforts. Our origins give us unique insight into the challenges, goals, and opportunities your preconstruction team faces.


Discover how we can help your team transform its preconstruction process.