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Sales Celebrations of 2021

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The Beck Technology sales team is growing substantially and had some very significant wins this year. We sat down with our Head of Sales, Chris Torbert, West Coast Sales Leader, Connor Ward, and East Coast Sales Leader, Justin Richards to get their thoughts.


Chris said hands-down Swinerton becoming a client of DESTINI Estimator is his highlight. Swinerton was one of the first deals he worked when he came on as an Account Executive a few years back. Chris knew the long-standing history of Swinerton evaluating estimating platforms. It’s also the largest deal in company history as well as one of the longest. Sales runs into all sizes of general contractors, but it’s the large ones that tend to have a longer software evaluation period. In that time, you are able to form relationships and trust with the prospective client. Chris along with Connor was able to see the relationships grow over the past two years and hand the deal off to one of the newer team members to continue to nurture that relationship.

Not only has our sales team added team members this year but they also celebrated a lot of internal promotions. Justin Richards, East Coast Sales Leader, said one of his favorite moments in the last year is “getting to see the personal development of everybody. If you do well then we provide opportunities for you.” Seeing individuals put in the hard work and then grow into new roles is really exciting to see. The growth of each individual helps further the business for Beck Technology.

What Takes the Cake?

Beck Technology employees at Advancing Preconstruction conference

The sea of blue stood out at Advancing Preconstruction 2021.

Chris, Justin, and Connor all agree on the overall highlight of the year, the return of the Advancing Preconstruction conference. For them, nothing beats in-person selling. Chris says, “You can only stare at Zoom for so long. We had built great relationships with clients over the last few years but never had the chance to see them in person.”

During our opening workshop at Advancing Preconstruction, some clients had nicknamed Beck Tech as “the blue army” due to our blue sea of polo shirts taking over the room. A lot of our clients remember when we just released DESTINI Estimator for the first time in 2016 and had a sales team of two. At this year’s Advancing Preconstruction workshop most tables consisted of a Beck Technology team member, a client, and a prospective client. “Hearing how our customers are using DESTINI Estimator to benefit their business is a powerful thing,” says Justin. Announcing a new product, Bid Day, was one of the rare additions to Advancing Preconstruction 2021. The opportunity to see the excitement in our clients about this new technology coming to market is a reward in itself.