Integrated estimating software for the future of preconstruction


Benefits of DESTINI Estimator

Team alignment

Get all your teams – no matter their location – aligned and collaborating to drive your business forward

Turn insight into action

Access and analyze your estimation data to have the most strategic impact on your preconstruction decisions

Accelerate innovation

Stay ahead of your competition by identifying opportunities to increase preconstruction efficiency and effectiveness

Unparalleled support

Don’t go it alone. Instead, have a partner that empowers your team to create a preconstruction process customized to the needs of your business

Estimator, part of the DESTINI suite of products, was developed to help solve complex issues within commercial construction estimating.

Thanks to Beck Technology’s innovative approach to developing software, Estimator is a preconstruction tool like no other. We design our program with regular input from the A/E/C industry, so that every feature we release solves a problem for estimating teams. Check out some unique features below.

Unlimited Sorting

Users can create an endless number of sorting fields in Estimator, allowing them to sort their estimates in a variety of ways.

2D Takeoff

Estimator supports 2D takeoff so users can tie costs and adjust data from 2D files.

3D Takeoff | Autodesk BIM 360

Estimator integrates with BIM 360 or Navisworks making it easier than ever for users to determine costs, keep track of changes, and reduce errors.

Comparison Reporting

Users can effortlessly compare current projects and estimates to previous ones, thanks to comparison reporting.


Beck Technology guides you through the vetting process of technology. Because, at the end, we want you to be happy and fully equipped to lead preconstruction efforts without the hassle of software unknowns.


This is up to two days of extensive technology review. During this time your team maps your current preconstruction workflows and identifies inefficiencies. You will also be hands on in with DESTINI Data Manager and Estimator. The exploration will also introduce you to your dedicated implementation specialist. This seasoned employee has seen it all when it comes to implementing software and working with diverse teams. They will also be the person helping put together a detailed implementation plan and will be your coach throughout the process. At the end of the exploration, your team is given scorecard results from the entire exploration based on features, functionality, and team dynamics. You receive the utmost clarity to determine if DESTINI Estimator is the right preconstruction technology for your company.

Implementation Guide

Deciding to buy software is the easy part. Implementation is where you make the difference! Beck Technology’s services team and your dedicated implementation specialist stick to your agreed upon implementation schedule and lead your team through data migration, training, product configuration, and testing.

We’re Ready, Are You?

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