The construction industry has been notoriously slow to adapt to technology, especially within preconstruction. Integration is still a relatively foreign practice in preconstruction and has been that way since the beginning times in the industry. But times are changing and finally more firms are starting to embrace integrated technology.

Technology has always been a driving force of change and innovation in any industry. One form of technology that has infinitely changed preconstruction is the cloud.

Before the industry was introduced to cloud storage, all files and documents were scattered in multiple platforms, spreadsheets, and databases. Every day, firms risked the possibility of missing a sketch, not having accurate information across multiple spreadsheets, difficulty finding an important file, etc., in which case, would result in more manual labor to recreate what was lost.

Now with cloud construction software, all documents and files can reside in one application, creating a highly organized and efficient storage that anyone in the team can access, in any place with Internet connection. A remote worker and an in-the-field construction team member can access the same information with limited inefficiencies or delays and can trust that the information provided is updated.

The construction cloud is just one form of technology that has revolutionized preconstruction. Along with the cloud, integration between various features that were once isolated are also changing the way estimating is conducted.

Beck Technology strives to be at the fore front of integrated technology. DESTINI Estimator has combined multiple individual preconstruction tools such as takeoff, reports, data analysis, and Autodesk’s BIM 360 in one software. As a result of this, preconstruction workflows are becoming more streamlined and efficient.

While technological advancements continue to develop, integration between companies is becoming more prevalent in preconstruction. More industry leaders are beginning to see the value in integrating and collaborating among other leaders in order to produce the best possible product/value for the customer.

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