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Sneak Peek DESTINI Estimator 2017 2.0

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Sneak Peek DESTINI Estimator 2017 2.0

Michael Boren, chief technology officer of Beck Technology, provided insights on new features in the upcoming DESTINI Estimator 2017 2.0. This software update, the first in a three-part series to be completed near the end of the calendar year, focuses on three areas of improvement.


Of the 24 new estimating features in Estimator 2017 2.0, improvements in functionality include updates such as the ability to bulk add costs to, and remove from, estimates and the ability to reorganize estimate comparisons.

2D Takeoff

The new set of 2D takeoff capabilities is the first step toward a larger feature set that will develop throughout the upcoming releases. Functionality enhancements include the ability to alter the color of 2D drawings, quickly change the item type for previously drawn items, and view reports or print from the takeoff window.

Rates and Resources

Rates and Resources is a new view with a window that provides estimates for crews that might be needed and potential tax rates. These items can be filtered and applied to estimates, and as rates and resources are updated, they will update in the Estimate window as well.

Many of the new features in DESTINI Estimator 2017 2.0 were suggested by Beck Technology’s Industry Advisory Group, composed of existing clients and other industry experts interested in working with Beck Technology to advance the technological capabilities of the A/E/C industry.

We invite you to learn more about these new features and more by watching the recorded webinar.