Case StudyDESTINI Profiler

Real-Time Modeling & Estimating Builds Relationships, Wins Work for The Korte Company

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When clients are curious about the cost impact of a change to their building design, they don’t want to wait hours or days for an answer. So when a preconstruction team walks into a client meeting with a 5D model containing integrated pricing with the ability to make modifications in real-time, a noticeable impression is made.

Beck Technology’s DESTINI Profiler allows estimators, business developers and architects to service clients by providing parametrically visible cost information in the form of 5D. Regardless of the individual using the tool, this transparent cost-communication approach fosters a positive and productive team engagement. Simply put, DESTINI Profiler generates positive discussion.

Bringing the Owner’s Ideas to Life

Many larger, national design-build firms, including The Korte Company, are also using DESTINI Profiler as a communication tool during the business development stage when their estimators and architects collaborate while using the software’s unique combination of 3D modeling and granular cost data to initiate dialogue with clients.

Korte has come to rely on DESTINI Profiler as a daily healthcare tool to create 5D cost models on all design-build and construction management pursuits. Regardless of the size or scope of work, Korte utilizes DESTINI Profiler to establish a baseline for time, cost and logistics. Owners are consistently impressed with the firm’s ability to provide conceptual yet highly flexible cost models based on their custom healthcare cost database.

“If you go to a presentation, the worst thing you can hear is crickets,” says Craig Mulliniks, CPE, LEED GA and Korte’s director of virtual construction. “If you’re properly using DESTINI Profiler, you won’t get that silence. It’s a promise. In fact, those meetings are typically inquisitive, interactive and high-energy.”

Korte’s DESTINI Profiler users can make changes and updates to their building models in real time, giving owners immediate cost answers for their “what if” scenarios.

When a customer asks about changing the building skin components; increasing, decreasing or reconfiguring departmental spaces; verifying parking spaces or even deleting an entire floor, the team can make those changes to the DESTINI Profiler model in real time, allowing the owner to see the visual and cost impact of their ideas, while maintaining a transparent atmosphere.

“If you can show an owner that kind of value in the meeting room, you’re differentiating yourself and fostering a relationship,” Mulliniks says. “You can add and subtract a floor for an owner, rather than go back to the office to do it. You can actually see the change and all the costs associated with it, so you develop immediate confidence. It’s a real differentiator.”

The real value though for Korte is the fact that DESTINI Profiler helps Korte win projects. The firm relies on Profiler for the cost approach as well as the primary method of presentation with potential clients.

Mulliniks continues, “DESTINI Profiler plays a critical role in gaining owner confidence. We recently won two new projects using this dynamic business development and preconstruction tool. The capabilities are simply impressive.”

Additionally, he noted that the software can handle even his most robust models, having recently used Profiler to model and present a design that exceeded 228 megs of memory.