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How PARIC Implemented Construction Estimating Software

By March 21, 2018 July 23rd, 2021 No Comments

PARIC Corporation, an ENR Top 200, St Louis-based firm that started back in 1979, has leveraged technology throughout its growth. Andy Leek, Director of VDC for PARIC, says, “The A/E/C industry continues to evolve technology at a rapid pace, and our estimating tools must keep pace with the demanding nature of projects.”

During his first webinar in 2017 (, Andy went into detail about the selection process and developing their implementation plan. Now, one year into the implementation, PARIC has made great progress in their use of DESTINI Estimator. The webinar details the steps that PARIC’s implementation team took to get where they are today – the speed bumps, the reviewing, evaluating and purging of existing databases, time commitments and training, entering and managing data, and so much more.

Though a change like this can be stressful, PARIC has maintained a consistent partnership with the Beck Technology team. This allows Beck Technology to understand PARIC’s needs through the established open-line of communication, and also utilize suggestions for future development of the DESTINI Estimator software. The long-term goal of PARIC was always to have fully-integrated Autodesk’s BIM 360 and that is now available in DESTINI Estimator, for all Estimator clients. Starting in January of 2018, PARIC has put together a plan to keep their team fully invested in DESTINI Estimator as they phase out their old legacy product. This includes general conditions refinement, database tweaks, expanding into more of their core markets as new projects start, and leveraging BIM 360 for 2D and 3D QTO.

Watch the full webinar HERE for more on PARIC Corporation’s implementation of DESTINI Estimator.