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PARIC Selects DESTINI Estimator & Profiler Suite for Enterprise Agreement

By November 8, 2016 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

PARIC Corporation has entered an enterprise licensing agreement to implement DESTINI Estimator and DESTINI Profiler.

“We started this process by discussing the challenges we are facing as an organization and the overall direction we wanted to go. Once we gained a better understanding of both solutions Beck Technology was presenting us with today and the direction they are heading in the future, it became clear that these are the best solutions for today and for the future of our business,” said Andy Leek, virtual design and construction director at PARIC Corporation.

Two key reasons PARIC chose to implement these intelligent solutions are the ability to integrate the tools with existing technologies and the efficiencies they will experience in their preconstruction processes by using the software.

According to Tyler Barron, account executive with Beck Technology, “When comparing our solutions to the way PARIC approaches budgeting and estimating, it became clear they will benefit in multiple ways. More specifically, the expedited quantity take-off via the integrated 2D and 3D tools as well as the ability to compare budgets and estimates for design variations will significantly impact PARIC’s ability to understand, evaluate, and communicate with their clients.”

To support a seamless rollout of PARIC’s new estimating software suite, Beck Technology will provide full implementation services designed to rapidly bring users up to speed with these products’ capabilities.

“PARIC is a perfect example of why you would implement both DESTINI Profiler and Estimator.  Together, these two products will enable the firm to rapidly implement a more integrated design and bid process, increase the value they deliver to their clients, and shorten the learning curve for their estimating team,” noted Stewart Carroll, COO for Beck Technology.

The implementation support will help PARIC’s estimating team maximize use of the software from early planning through construction, with seamless integration of the entire process from conceptual modeling through estimating with embedded intelligence.

“Since implementing a complete array of virtual design and construction, or VDC, technologies to our operations side, we have been looking for a preconstruction software solution that would not only add value to our current preconstruction approach, but would also fully integrate with our current VDC technologies and streamline the workflows across the entire company. Destini Estimator and Profiler are those solutions,” Leek commented.