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PARIC Corporation’s Approach to Selecting DESTINI Estimator

By April 28, 2017 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

PARIC Corporation’s Director of VDC, Andy Leek, discussed the company’s decision to replace their legacy estimating software with DESTINI Estimator and the process behind the change.

One of the top 70 privately-held companies in St. Louis, with no fear of technology, PARIC knew it was time to adopt estimating software that would keep up with their biggest projects and integrate well into their current system. More than finding an option with greater capabilities, PARIC went in search of a platform that would evolve with the industry and a partner to help roll out the software and maintain ongoing support.

Throughout the decision process, PARIC made certain the best interest of their preconstruction teams was a top priority. After extensive research, key representatives met with the developers of each option and scored them based on the company’s wants and needs for their new software. In a roundtable vote, DESTINI Estimator was chosen almost unanimously as the best fit for PARIC.

Key steps of implementation included an initial face-to-face meeting between key members of Beck Technology and PARIC, an item-by-item transfer of PARIC’s current database to “clean house” while integrating, and piloting projects through a six-person team. Beck has worked alongside PARIC throughout the entire process, offering support and guidance. Currently, PARIC is preparing to train all employees on functionality in order to adopt DESTINI Estimator companywide.

We invite you to watch the recorded webinar here.