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Is Your Estimating Software Beta Tested?

By September 17, 2020 September 18th, 2020 No Comments

When your phone tells you that it needs a software update, have you ever paid attention to the notes underneath the update? You might see the phrase “beta tested” as you look through the notes. Before the final version of any software is released – whether it’s for phone users or for estimating teams – it has to go through beta testing. This is the stage of the software in which it’s almost ready for public consumption, but in order to iron out any remaining bugs, the developers bring on a third party to test the program.

Beta testing is critical to the success of an estimating software. It can be all too easy for developers to get caught in the weeds and overlook bugs that might be minor to them but are huge problems for the actual user. Beta testing also allows for overall user feedback – just because something works doesn’t mean it works smoothly, and oftentimes, beta testers can help point developers in the right direction by explaining processes that can be made shorter, areas where the number of clicks can be reduced, and so on.

This is where Beck Technology’s clients come in. We depend on our users’ feedback not only to improve our product, but to also make sure that we’re including features that are actually relevant to them. Sometimes, a software vendor may come up with a truly extraordinary idea that would completely transform the industry . . . and yet if they push it out too early, and the industry isn’t ready to be transformed, it’s going to be a massive waste of time and effort. Beck Technology believes it is critical to listen to our audience and make sure that we’re working with them, not behind them or ahead of them.

That’s why a significant factor in the development of new DESTINI Estimator versions is our beloved QA (quality assurance) team. As the software version is being built out, the QA team routinely tests the version for bugs at critical phases, and once it’s in the final stages of development, QA then works to bring in some of our clients for beta testing.

As you continue searching for and evaluating estimating platforms, always remember to find out how the vendor keeps their product relevant and up-to-date. Do they have a QA team? Do they offer beta testing? Do they have dedicated channels to take in and apply client feedback? And most importantly, do they value client feedback? This will be the key to having a successful partnership.

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