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You know you need a change, but where do you start? The thought of overhauling your estimating department’s technology is overwhelming, to say the least – no matter how much benefit it could give you in the long run. Working with all sizes of contractors has taught our team that there is certain criteria important to every company, regardless of how many people are on their team. Whether you are the lead in the evaluation or just passionate about improving efficiencies, you need to know what to base your decision on. Are you curious about what those might be?

The three main categories in software evaluations are general requirements, features, and technical requirements. General requirements speak to the capability of the vendor such as: do they have an implementation plan, and how does their maintenance and support work? An example of some vital features that usually get evaluated are: is there an auto save function, does the software have an undo button, are users able to work remotely, and is there customizable reporting? Technical requirements are those questions your IT department would ask before you decide whether to move forward with the commitment to a new software. Is this new software cloud-based, or will it have to be hosted on-premise? Is it compatible with our company’s version of Windows? If you want to go even further, maybe you make a category for culture and vision. Does the vendor’s culture align with your company’s? Is the vendor’s 10-year vision compatible with your company’s goals? Once you decide what you want to evaluate, you should then decide how important each criterion is in making the final decision. You want each member of your estimating team or your evaluation committee to rank each one individually, but you also want to have weighted scores based on importance of the feature or requirement.

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. We are here to help make it as easy and straightforward as we can for your team. Ready to get started? Download your Evaluation spreadsheet today!


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