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DESTINI Estimator 2016 2.0 is Here!

By May 20, 2016 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

DESTINI Estimator 2016 2.0 is now more robust with industry requested features. The next generation estimating platform now has a takeoff view that allows users to obtain quantities from both 2D and 3D documents. Additionally, the latest release integrates with Navisworks! All of the new features are listed below:

  • Takeoff View: A new takeoff view is available that will allow users to obtain quantities from both 2D and 3D documents.
  • Navisworks Property Filtering (white listing): To reduce the amount of unnecessary data that is displayed to the estimator, DESTINI Estimator has a white list functionality that allows users to specify only those properties that they will want to interact with when consuming Navisworks models for their 3D quantity takeoff.
  • Quick Access to Previously Used 2D and 3D QTO Documents: DESTINI Estimator provides a quick list of all documents that have been used to obtain quantities for an estimate.
  • Embedded 2D Takeoff: Users now have access to a fully integrated 2D takeoff platform. This includes the standard area, line, and count takeoff.
  • Ability to Tightly Couple Costs With QTO Objects: DESTINI Estimator goes beyond just mapping cost item’s variables to the properties of the 2D takeoff or 3D model. Once a line item or assembly is mapped to one or more items in the 2D document or 3D model a wide range of never before seen options become available. 2D takeoff objects and 3D model components now know about the cost items that are associated with them along with all of their properties. This means that if the user ties a concrete line item to an area takeoff object, not only does the area takeoff object know its price but the user can now filter their takeoff by any information that line item has access to like Uniformat or Masterformat classification without having to add any other information to the area takeoff.
  • Embedded 3D Takeoff: DESTINI Estimator can load a Navisworks .nwd file and quickly slice and dice the model on any information contained within that model so that the estimator can locate and quantify one or more components in the model and tie the costs in the estimate directly to whatever information they need.
    • Like the 2D drawings, each estimate has an unlimited number of 3D models that can be associated with it.
    • DESTINI Estimator can edit the information contained within the 3D model to allow the preconstruction team to compensate for inaccurate information or to better align the information in the model with how the team thinks about the project.
  • 3D Model Comparison: As a project progresses estimators are given new versions of the 3D model to reflect the changes in scope and definition. DESTINI Estimator has the ability to handle these changes by comparing the old and new 3D models and showing which components were added, modified, or removed as well as showing the effect on the cost items associated with those affected model components.
    • During this comparison, DESTINI Estimator goes into a review mode and allows the estimator to decide on how they would like each change to affect their estimate. DESTINI Estimator provides a set of innovative tools to allow the preconstruction team member to filter on each affected portion of the model, review the effect on costs for that section, and specify whether or not they want to keep the new updated value or revert to the previous value.
  • Highlight Rules: A new system has been added that will allow an estimator to color the rows in the Estimate View based on any criteria they would like. For instance, a user may want to color all line items that have been mapped to a 2D or 3D object blue and color all 0 quantity items red. There are an unlimited number of highlight rules that you can create and an unlimited amount of logic that can be put into each rule. The system even allows for rule priority so one rule’s color can overwrite another if it has a higher priority.
  • Reporting: With the addition of integrated quantity takeoff, the reporting functionality in estimator also has access to the quantity information which will allow preconstruction team members to create reports on their quantity takeoff.

Click the video below to watch an overview of DESTINI Estimator 2016 2.0.