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DESTINI Suite 2016 1.0 Means More Robust Preconstruction and Estimating Software

By January 25, 2016 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Beck Technology, Ltd. announces the release of DESTINI Profiler 2016 1.0, DESTINI Estimator 2016 1.0, and DESTINI Data Manager 2016 1.0. The three releases are part of the DESTINI suite of products and allow users to take commercial construction projects from preconstruction through construction completion while providing cost and estimate information to manage projects more effectively.

This release includes updates for speed improvements as well as innovative estimating features that give estimators the ability to provide robust information earlier in the project decision making.  “Our suite of software is part of the general contractor’s paradigm shift to being part of the building solution,” said Michael Boren, Chief Technology Officer at Beck Technology. “The most recent new features of the DESTINI suite offer our customers more information, better flexibility, and in-demand functionality.  At Beck Technology, we really listen to what the industry needs in an estimating platform and are able to deliver that vision because it aligns with our goal to make the construction industry more efficient and transparent.”

The DESTINI suite release features include:

  • Formulas which give the ability to provide intelligence to the cost items so that they can quantify themselves.
  • More detailed estimates to support self-perform contractors and sub-contractors who have a deeper knowledge and control of the work being performed (i.e. resources, resource groups, rate tables and markups).
  • Customization of the estimate comparison using custom estimate and system properties.
  • Cost per unit reference which allows users to break out estimate cost per unit based on project specific information like “cost per key” or “cost per seat”.
  • Better control over estimates as well as track and manage the history of every change coupled with the ability to quickly search for and locate exactly the information needed regarding those changes.
  • Handling extremely large cost databases without slowing down.
  • Additional integration between DESTINI Profiler and DESTINI Data Manager.

“Being able to incorporate quantity takeoff with our suite of products is game changing,” said Stewart Carroll, Chief Operations Officer at Beck Technology. “Our customers are able to use DESTINI Profiler to help drive project decisions early in the planning phase, and then use DESTINI Estimator to build and improve robust estimates. Having a backend database catch-all like DESTINI Data Manager makes the sharing and building of databases revolutionary.  Our customers are using the DESTINI suite to become more integrated internally.  They are using our software to build upon their own innovations and that’s exciting to be a part of.”