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DESTINI Estimator Fully Integrates with BIM 360! Sneak Peek of Latest Developments

By January 18, 2018 July 19th, 2019 No Comments

This webinar, led by Michael Boren, Chief Technology Officer at Beck Technology, is a walkthrough of the latest functionality that has been developed for DESTINI Estimator. The R&D team at Beck Technology are constantly improving the performance of the application.

Michael begins by stressing the importance of our Industry Advisory Board (IAB), and how closely we work with these companies. The IAB ensures that we continue to focus on the needs of the industry and the best functionality possible. Regardless of owning a license of the DESTINI software, the individuals who make up the IAB are from the country’s most well-respected general contractors/construction management firms.

Though there are many changes and updates to the product, a few areas of improvement in the application are security and mitigating risk, bulk adding costs, and editing overline totals. In the area of 2D QTOs, our focus in 2017, and ongoing into 2018 will be the “do it on the fly” infinite flexibility of the product.

Most exciting, perhaps, is our integration with Autodesk’s BIM 360. Josh Cheney, Industry Manager – Construction Technology of Autodesk said: “Beck Technology is a long-term partner of Autodesk and bringing that together with listening to their customers – there’s a culmination of that effort here in DESTINI Estimator. It is a full-blown solution… a must-have for anyone in Precon and Estimating… a tight-knit integration – a direct connection to our large model viewer. You are operating in the continuation of a common data environment.”

Watch the full webinar HERE for more about these exciting features, and the plan for 2018.