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Create & Organize Cost Models Using DESTINI Data Manager

By October 29, 2015 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Taimoor Khan, Preconstruction Manager at Tonn & Blank, presented in our October 28 webinar on DESTINI Data Manager. Taimoor stated in the construction industry today, estimators are expected to be magicians by delivering estimates in a few days (sometimes within hours or minutes), and the estimate is expected to be extremely detailed.  Additionally, if the estimate is not completely accurate then the estimator is the one to blame.

In an ideal construction world, the estimator would be able to deliver estimates in very little time, be detailed and accurate, and meet everyone’s expectations. This ideal world is more productive, allows time for continuous development, and encourages organization.

“[Estimators] not only prepare estimates but we keep track of all the data and information,” said Taimoor. “Being organized is a key to being a good estimator.”

DESTINI Data Manager is an incredibly useful tool to keep estimates and estimators organized, synced, and generating better data.

To see the recorded webinar, click below.