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Cost History and Conceptual Estimating in DESTINI Estimator

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Have you wondered why you aren’t using your company’s cost history to make better and more informed decisions about future projects? The simple answer is, traditionally, it’s hard to collect and store data in a consistent way that puts relevant information in your hands.

Cost History

The solution to this cost history challenge is DESTINI Estimator. The construction estimating software is the first of its kind integrated preconstruction platform that captures and stores all project data at every milestone throughout the life of a project. Capturing of project data is built into the versioning capabilities of DESTINI Estimator and requires no additional conditioning of project data or extra steps. Tools to access and use the data come out of the box and enables users within your company to use your history to make better project decisions.

Conceptual Estimating

Along with integrated detailed estimating, and both 2D takeoff and 3D takeoff, DESTINI Estimator’s conceptual estimating capabilities are built into the platform and this innovative approach makes conceptual estimating simple and intuitive.

By combining powerful parametric estimating with cost history, users can select from user-defined templates that enable quick, accurate, and transparent estimating that instill confidence in your team and your customers.

DESTINI Estimator’s Project View enables users to set up templates that contain lists of variables they want their teams to track throughout the life of the company’s projects. In the conceptual phase, these variables can be used to formulaically drive quantities and items in the estimate. Additionally, linking the variables in the Project View to a company defined conceptual workbook that’s stored within the template can drive the values of the variables and correspondingly the estimate.

Benchmarking unit prices against similar projects is a breeze. All projects being benchmarked can be both regionally and time adjusted enabling a very simple, efficient, and transparent method of assigning the most appropriate unit prices based on your cost history making conceptual estimating easy.

Construction estimating software should be a major team member for your company’s preconstruction efforts instead of just a tool a professional uses to get the job done. DESTINI Estimator is not like any other estimating software you have used because Beck Technology has built the platform to keep up with construction project complexities as well as thinking ahead of what the construction industry needs. Conceptual estimating and cost history are ingrained in DESTINI Estimator so the preconstruction professional not only gets the job done but has better clarity around the data, can access historical numbers easily, and tackle more jobs with confidence than ever before.

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