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Collaborating on Estimating Software

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“Aha” moments may be one of the best feelings in the world. The second an idea becomes real and clear our brains give us a pat on the back for a job well done of connecting the dots. There’s actually quite a bit of science to back up these feelings, too.

Beck Technology thrives on “aha” moments. We tend to label it as collaboration. The reason we use “collaboration” instead of “aha” is because connecting the dots in preconstruction and technology comes with a lot of brainpower and professional experience. Our “aha” moments are actually a collective effort among our team, customers, and industry partners.

We have an online support community where people can get technical support at any time of the day but it also is a hub for people to post collaboration topics and enhancement requests. Preconstruction professionals from each coast, working on various construction projects, and a wide variety of backgrounds can openly share ideas with other likeminded individuals. Beck Technology is also part of these digital conversations because we have quite a bit of experience ourselves (we’ve been around since 1996) and we can actually turn those ideas into useable technology.

Beyond our online community, we also have great relationships with our user base. Beck Technology connects with our customers on a regular basis. From our marketing team who discuss the wins our customers are realizing with DESTINI Estimator to our customer success team to ensure our software is exceeding their expectations to our development team creating new functionality. Collaboration is happening at every step of the business.

Those regular connections also mean we have more opportunities for “aha”. These moments don’t always happen in formal meetings. Quite often they occur when we are in casual conversations. Having avenues where we can be comfortable to talk as friends and communicate as open-minded professionals lead to moments that are bigger than “aha”. Collaborations like these may seem rare to people not familiar with Beck Technology but they are commonplace. Because DESTINI Estimator was built along with this framework of collaboration.

We aren’t only trying to make an estimating software that is usable for today’s construction needs. Beck Technology is a preconstruction data lifecycle company and that means the future of construction and the built environment lives in the “aha” moments and our collaborations bring those ideas to life.


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