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BRPH Adds DESTINI Software Suite to Design Expertise

By December 18, 2017 July 19th, 2019 No Comments

The international architecture and engineering firm, BRPH, has selected the DESTINI suite of software to provide end-to-end conceptual design costs and estimating services.

Based in Melbourne, FL, BRPH is a 53-year-old, employee-owned firm with offices across the U.S. The firm was previously outsourcing estimating services but decided to bring these responsibilities in-house to develop their own cost database as well as provide clients with intricate estimating details for early project milestones. BRPH chose to purchase the DESTINI suite comprised of DESTINI Estimator and DESTINI Profiler to enhance their Owner Management service offerings with detailed information on conceptual designs as well as realistic costs moving forward in the project.

“We recognized that we needed to have a centralized database from a design standpoint so we could cross reference past projects and costs as we look at new work,” said Jason Dunn, Director of Project Management for BRPH. “We can also utilize the DESTINI suite as a marketing tool to discuss design concepts with owners at the earliest stage to help them visualize their budget. Having the design team talking about the budget gets the owner’s trust really early, and we’re excited to now have a way to present the data.”

“BRPH understands design affects costs and costs affect design,” said Stewart Carroll, COO for Beck Technology. “They realize that design cannot be done in a vacuum and DESTINI Profiler will be the platform to help them associate their expertise in design with their project cost history. Their Owner Management services will be greatly enhanced with the use of DESTINI Estimator as BRPH will be able to share project costs throughout the life of their project. This is a major game changer for any design service firm.”