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Beck Technology Donates to the International Buddhist Progress Society

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Our core values of passion, innovation and caring aren’t just what drive us in the industry we serve, but in everything we do as a company. We were founded with a passion to change the world and create a better future through innovative technologies that help make a positive impact on the built environment. And since the built environment affects everyone, we believe that caring for our communities is essential to sustaining our core values.

That is why we began the Beck Tech Cares initiative. Every month, one Beck Technology employee is chosen to pick an organization of their choice to which money is donated from Beck Technology. This initiative not only celebrates our core values and helps our community but also helps build community internally. The way in which the employee is picked is through a project management tool that allows team members to recognize each other through a virtual high-five system.

Whether it is helping a team member on a work task, organizing a gift basket, or simply lending an ear, we honor each other when passion, innovation, or caring is displayed. At the end of every month, each person who nominated someone reads their high five aloud to the company at an all-company luncheon. Even though these lunches are virtual, it is one of the many chances we have to be held accountable for our core values of passion, innovation, and caring. And it gives us the opportunity to all be in one place at a time, even if it is virtual!

Fo Guang Shan New York Temple

Fo Guang Shan New York Temple

This month, Doug Maiden, Manager of Professional Services, was our Beck Tech Cares honoree. Doug chose to donate to Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple of New York (International Buddhist Progress Society).

Doug’s wife attended Fo Guang Shan University and her best friend from college is a nun at the temple in New York. Doug says, “Sophie mentioned the temple is midway through an extensive renovation. Donating to the temple provides a lasting memory at the temple and good fortune to Beck Technology.”

The Beck Tech Cares initiative affords us the opportunity to help organizations of all sizes. Each honoree chooses their organization based on a personal passion and we are so incredibly honored to be able to help improve the lives of our communities.

To read more about the Beck Tech Cares initiative, click here. If you would like to learn more about how you can start your own giving back initiative, leave a comment below and we’ll reach out.