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ROI of Estimator for Balfour Beatty Construction

By September 27, 2017 April 23rd, 2020 No Comments

Ray Miller, VP of Preconstruction for Balfour Beatty Construction, discusses in detail how his firm recognized the need for a common estimating platform and their process for selection and implementation of an estimating enterprise solution across their multiple regional locations.

With corporate buy-in and support, Miller and his team of preconstruction leadership from all offices were able to map out their existing struggles and inefficiencies in using many different take off tools and software platforms.  They were able to come to an understanding from the ground up of the varying needs of each office — their specific clients and markets, and how they could efficiently access cost data, capture cost history, build a company-wide database, and utilize a reporting tool that allowed for brand consistency across the country.

Balfour Beatty selected DESTINI Estimator in late 2016 and in under a year has gone through Phase I of Implementation, with database building, tracking work flow, and the reporting requirements of each of their offices. During the summer of 2017, Phase II was rolled out to 90% of their regional offices – with subject matter experts being trained to assist in the deployment in each local office.  The relationship that Beck Technology has established with Balfour Beatty allows for communication of their specific needs, as well as future enhancements they would like to see in the software for releases in the coming year.

Ray Miller also discusses the challenges that were faced – with one of the biggest being change in general – and their Lessons Learned, and Return on Investment. To hear the process that Balfour Beatty Construction went through and how they plan on moving forward in the future, we invite you to view the full webinar here.