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The Power of DESTINI Profiler – Providing Clarity & Confidence

By February 22, 2017 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Steve Loneman, director of preconstruction for LeChase Construction, shared how he used DESTINI Profiler to reprogram and save a large municipal project that faced public scrutiny and a potential 30% budget increase (aka project killer) due to a flawed existing plan and cost model. LeChase’s team knew the proposed project, a 162,000 square foot building with a 450-car garage and $44 million budget, would not fit the approved budget or even physically the proposed site.

The team used DESTINI Profiler to create a visual presentation and cost model of the building, which quickly showed the building as designed would extend into the street and would cost some $57 million as designed. As a further step, the team conducted benchmarking to evaluate average square foot costs for similar municipal projects, some $357 per square foot. The effort validated that the original $266 per square foot budget was unrealistic; however, the city’s capital budget could not sustain the increase. Using Profiler, the LeChase team was able to reprogram the building to make sense and manipulate the model and budget to bring the project in at a more-reasonable $47.3 million.

We invite you to watch the recorded webinar here.