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The Early Bird Gets the Worm (or the Project)

By June 12, 2016 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments
When owners are ready to move on a construction project, they need answers about the design and how much it might cost—and they want answers quickly. The preconstruction group first to the table with accurate, detailed estimates and models has the best opportunity to build a customer relationship that can lead to winning the work.

While many competitors are still at the drawing board, firms using Beck Technology’s DESTINI Profiler can turn around a detailed 3D model and cost estimate in as little as one day, offering them an early opportunity to showcase their capabilities.

Detailed Conceptual Cost Models for Faster Estimates

Preconstruction firms have also been able to “wow” customers with highly detailed, early estimates and models using DESTINI Profiler. Bouma Construction, for example, has accelerated the preconstruction cycle by using DESTINI Profiler’s macro BIM technology to quickly create highly granular cost models early in the cycle, with limited available information.

In many cases, starting from just a hand-drawn sketch, a few notes, or a phone call, Bouma can tap into the historical cost data it has stored in DESTINI Profiler to create a conceptual cost model quickly for a client.

Recently, Bouma received a call about a project on a Friday afternoon and used DESTINI Profiler to create four alternative building models, each with different layouts and pricing, to present at a client design charrette the following Monday. The owner selected one of the four options, and Bouma was given the nod to proceed with design-build planning.

“If we had not used DESTINI Profiler, we would not have been able to respond with that many alternative solutions in the necessary timeframe for our client,” says Corey Torres, preconstruction manager at Bouma. “Clients are looking for immediate or real-time financial or cost information on a building to support their discussions with financiers, investors, and board members. DESTINI Profiler helps us respond to our clients’ sense of urgency.”

Bouma has also found DESTINI Profiler to be an excellent resource beyond their design-build and construction management projects. “We’ve learned to utilize DESTINI Profiler on competitive general contract opportunities as well,” says Torres. On one such project, Bouma was able to turn around a parametric building cost model for a five-story (330,000 sf) multi-housing facility in a single day. This early cost model was used as a reference during the remainder of the estimating and proposal planning process and ended up being within 3 percent of the final submitted proposal.

“We are impressed with the accuracy, speed and flexibility with DESTINI Profiler,” Torres says. “On other projects, we have spent up to three weeks building a detailed cost model, but in this case, we just didn’t have that time available. We were able to accurately model the project and build a cost reference framework with DESTINI Profiler.”

For Bouma, using DESTINI Profiler early in the process is one way to keep the firm at the top of its game. “We were looking for unique technology that would help us leverage historical cost data and provide a visual presentation of construction costs for our clients,” Torres says. “Contractors today need agile tools to address the needs of clients in a fast-moving marketplace; DESTINI Profiler helps us to achieve that goal.”