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Snyder Langston Utilizes DESTINI Profiler to Showcase Project Knowledge

By March 11, 2013 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Andy Gerlach, Senior Project Engineer with Snyder Langston, shares his experience utilizing DESTINI Profiler.

At Snyder Langston, we recently identified DProfiler as an ideal fit for the way we communicate and build relationships with our clients.  We envisioned that DESTINI Profiler represented an agile software program that could enable us to visually communicate our preconstruction cost and constructability analysis to clients and design colleagues, particularly on difficult site conditions which constitute a large percentage of our projects.

I had the fortune of attending a 2-day base training course and a 1-day mentoring session with Beck Technology at their Dallas headquarters.  I was very pleased to find that the DProfiler software was backed by a team at Beck Technology that I found very personable, friendly, and professional. Our ability to quickly benefit from the software was made possible by the three days I spent with the team.  The base training course was deliberate, well organized, and effective in providing the basic tools required to navigate and understand this impressive software.  I stayed an extra day to participate in a one-on-one mentoring session during which the staff provided me additional support to develop our first winning model.

The immediate impact was evident on our initial project utilizing DESTINI Profiler.  Within a week, I was presenting a model illustrating our understanding and assessment of the difficult project site to a prospective client.  The project consists of a 4-story, 100,000 SF medical office building with adjacent 4-story parking structure tucked into a 2.5 acre site consisting of a 60 foot elevation change.  We successfully imported the site topography into DProfiler and located the two buildings onto the site.  With DProfiler’s cut-and-fill module, we were able to identify an alternative layout that closely balanced the cut-and-fill characteristics of the site.  Equally important was our ability to sit with the owner to visually review the challenges of the project and identify the client’s goals going forward.  A few weeks later, we were awarded the preconstruction and design-build contract.

We are off to a great start with DESTINI Profiler and look forward to a close relationship with the team at Beck Technology.