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Self-Perform Contractors Benefit from DESTINI Estimator 2017.2.0 with Enhanced Functionality

By July 12, 2017 March 19th, 2020 No Comments

Integrated self-perform scope of work estimating eliminates the need for construction firms to buy and maintain separate software to estimate work performed directly, rather than by subcontractors

Beck Technology, leading preconstruction software and service firm for the commercial construction industry, has released a new version of its intelligent estimating software: DESTINI® Estimator 2017.2.0. In addition to several new features and upgrades for general estimating, this release includes integrated self-performing functionality for estimating of “self-perform” work not performed by subcontractors.

The self-perform functionality is a boon to construction firms of all sizes that may perform certain aspects of construction work on their own – such as concrete or drywall – rather than hiring a subcontractor. The new functionality allows estimators to use the same tool for all estimating, no matter who is performing the work, and includes full production rates and rate tables in the integrated platform for takeoff and estimating. This speeds up the estimating process and eliminates the need for a second estimating software product to handle self-perform estimating, providing even greater return on investment of DESTINI Estimator.

By using a single system for all estimating, construction firms can:

  • Improve accuracy
  • Reduce costs
  • Save time
  • Eliminate training and maintenance for a second software system

“The power is in the takeoff and estimating steps for self-performing that are included with DESTINI Estimator,” said Michael Boren, Beck Technology’s Chief Technology Officer. “As part of our ongoing crowd-sourced development process, a big request we heard from both large and small firms is how we could help them improve self-perform work. With this upgrade, they’ll save a great deal of time and money by eliminating the need for redundant estimating software.”

The self-perform enhancements to Estimator 2017.2.0 include the ability to:

  • Apply markups to all line items in the rate tables
  • Manage resources, like crews and equipment, alongside rate tables within the estimate
  • Modify production rates directly from the Estimate view
  • See total man hours within the Estimate view for each cost item
  • Associate and modify the rate table associated with one or more line items in the Estimate
  • Quickly and easily change crews and other resources associated with a line item in the Estimate view

“We are currently implementing DESTINI Estimator across our entire organization, and as we work with the Beck Technology team, they have provided the forum for Balfour Beatty to give feedback on functionality, which has resulted in additional enhancements to the application,” says Ray Miller, Vice President of Preconstruction, Balfour Beatty. “The new self-perform features in DESTINI Estimator 2.0 are an excellent example of the partnership between Balfour Beatty and Beck Technology.”

In addition to the self-perform enhancements, Estimator 2017.2.0 improves 2D takeoff with enhanced tools and viewing options, allowing for simpler, easier takeoff. Other upgrades include better synchronization between the estimate and cost database, the ability to bulk-add costs, easier spreadsheet importing, and other enhancements designed to make estimating faster and easier than ever before.

Preconstruction teams and estimators may schedule a tour of the latest software features via this online demo request form or by calling 888-835-7778.