Case Studies

Providing Options That Lead to the Best Solutions

By June 30, 2015 April 29th, 2021 No Comments

Founded in 1922, Tonn and Blank is a respected general contractor based in Indiana serving the Midwest region. Their expertise ranges from manufacturing facilities to healthcare and government buildings to bridge construction. They are known for their problem-solving in construction and sometimes solving problems means going back to square one.

That’s what Tonn & Blank did with a project owner when it came to a preconstruction estimate for a healthcare project. Traditionally, their preconstruction estimate was a 10-page report that they would hand the owner and expect the owner to understand what was needed and not needed for the project.

Black and white. Line after line. Nothing but estimate. So they went back to square one and focused on presenting project information to the owner in a visually pleasing manner that the owner would understand.

For one healthcare project, Tonn & Blank had three options to present to the owner:

  1. Get rid of the existing buildings
  2. Sell the existing buildings
  3. Renovate the existing buildings

The project owner received estimates from three different general contractors but no scope was determined beyond the three options. Therefore, the estimates were essentially stabs in the dark. The owner needed a better way to decipher which estimate was close to an ideal budget.

Tonn & Blank utilized DESTINI Profiler to build a project scope, program, and budget. They also provided the project owner with a self-explanatory presentation that gives the owner the idea behind the process. Essentially, the presentation walked the owner through the project. From the 2D drawing to the Profiler model and estimate then from Profiler to a Revit model. Within Profiler the owner could see project alternatives, changes to square footage allocations, and how those project options would affect costs. This presentation gave the owner the flexibility to create the project scope as well as define the budget based on what Tonn & Blank developed in Profiler.

This presentation technique gave the owner the reigns in determining which direction they wanted their project to go. Tonn & Blank was seen as a trusted advisor of this project and gave the owner the flexibility to explore “what if” scenarios. Instead of developing an estimate that may or may not be what the owner expected Tonn & Blank opened the door for a comprehensive decision-making platform for the owner so they get the best possible project alternative.