Beck Technology has developed and continues to create integrations with Procore’s technologies. Providing tools to give construction professionals a view of their preconstruction data lifecycle has led Beck Technology to offer integrations with leading technologies like Procore. DESTINI Estimator can pull in drawings from Procore for takeoff and push estimate data into Procore’s financials. This loop insures users are using a single source of truth for their drawings as well as giving their building budget a starting point from their estimate. Beck Technology is committed to sharing knowledge and ideas with Procore to revolutionize the construction industry.

Beck Technology Integrates with Procore

DESTINI Estimator is more than an estimating platform. Estimator gives the estimating team greater customization and detail based on project and/or client. As part of the DESTINI suite of products, Estimator was developed to help solve complex issues within construction estimating. It minimizes the number of steps in the estimating process and creates better project outcomes. This estimating solution allows users to have one cost estimate database from planning through buyout so the information is consistent and knowledge transfer is seamless. Estimator allows the estimate’s line items to have embedded intelligence directly from the building model they were born from.

DESTINI Estimator

DESTINI Estimator was created in conjunction with preconstruction and estimating professionals from the construction industry. We are giving construction professionals easy access to their preconstruction data lifecycle through innovative technologies.

Unlimited Sort Capabilities
Customizable Reporting
Full Configurable Filtering
2D and 3D Quantity Takeoff
Live Data Shaping and Analysis
Simple Line Item and Assembly Takeoff