Linetek Systems Celebrates 25 Years

By May 22, 2014 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Beck Technology has been partnered with Linetek Systems since 2011.  Linetek Systems is a Korean software and services company servicing the AEC industry for the past 25 years. Members of Linetek have been trained on DESTINI Profiler and have been conducting DESTINI Profiler-related services to a number of large Korean construction companies over the last year. In January 2014, five employees from Linetek traveled to Dallas and spent a month observing the use of DESTINI Profiler and other BIM technologies on both traditional and integrated Beck projects.  Additionally, members of the Linetek team worked with Beck Technology to refine the Korean language (Hangul) version of DESTINI Profiler and the Korean cost database developed by Linetek.

The week of May 11, Peter Beck, Kelly Cone, and Stewart Carroll traveled to South Korea to attend the 25th anniversary of Linetek Systems.  The 25th anniversary was celebrated by the first of its kind industry day in Seoul where 250 of the leading public and private construction-related companies attended presentations by Beck and Linetek introducing BIM-related technologies and workflows to the audience.

Leading Korean companies in attendance included Samsung Construction and Technology, Hyundai Construction, and POSCO. From the government, the ministries of Defense, Energy, and Land and Development were in attendance.

The Korean construction industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade and many of the large Korean construction firms rank in the ENR list of largest construction companies in the world. Many of the Korean companies are working both domestically and internationally, building very large and complicated projects. However, their delivery models are very traditional and there use of BIM-related technology is very limited.

The goal for the Industry Day was to expose the audience to real world examples of the use of alternate workflows and technologies that can be adopted in Korea. As written in prior articles, Beck Architecture has been practicing architecture in Korea for over a decade and the Beck brand is already quite well-known. The high profile nature and the success of this event ultimately gave more exposure to the Beck brand, and will likely increase architectural services opportunities in Korea.