Out with isolation, in with integration. Integrated technology is revolutionizing the industry.

The construction industry has often operated in silos which has generally resulted in a higher margin of error between preconstruction and on-field construction teams. However, the previous era of working in silos is quickly coming to an end, as projects face greater complications and complexities, which has increased the emphasis on integration. Integrated technology is the next frontier in the industry because of its ability to bring multiple elements of the workflow together on one unified platform.

Decisions made in the preconstruction process set the tone and pace for the entire project. One mistake in preconstruction can create a domino/ripple effect of errors throughout the workflow, creating more work, longer hours, less efficiency. It is an essential part of the life cycle of a process and failure to execute properly in this stage, can result in a failed project altogether.

The need for integrated technology in the construction industry has never been greater. Several software programs have emerged with a focus on tying in 2D and 3D takeoff and BIM 360 features all in one platform. Many general contractors have started to adopt estimating systems such as DESTINI Estimator into their workflows in order to increase efficiency and eliminate potential for error by housing data and tools all in one system.

The era of endless amounts of data sheets and paperwork, manually counting and checking numbers for countless hours is now over. The construction industry is entering a new age with integrated technology, and as a result, there’s much less need for going back and forth between different construction tools and platforms.

Integrated technology is essential to the future of preconstruction because of how it is already transforming those companies who are adopting it, and its potential to completely reshape and restructure how the industry will function multiple years down the road. It’s just as important for trailblazers of integrated technology to share their experiences so that others can hear the benefit that it brings and learn from others’ journeys.

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