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Inmobilaire: Innovation for Decision Making in Real Estate

By September 10, 2012 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Translation of article published on Mexico’s Inmobiliare Magazine number 73 p. 80-81

Every industry evolves with the help of new technologies and in the last few years technological solutions have come about more frequently.  In the Real Estate Industry, the technological solutions have mostly been oriented toward construction processes generating important savings however, what technological solution have focused on the Decision Making Process?

DProfiler is a new technology that BECK has implemented for over 10 years in many different countries and is now introducing in Mexico to reduce uncertainties and achieve suitable cost estimates in early stages of a project when approximately 70% of the costs are defined.

To use this technology all you need is a conceptual idea of the project.  Afterwards, a 3D model is generated and then construction costs are integrated.  Now, the conceptual idea has been transformed into an intelligent object that informs costs.  And what about the time frame to develop this intelligent cost model?  It can be reduced to one day.

In the United States and Mexico, this new tool has been adopted by developers as well as leaders in the real estate industry.  The value this technology is generating for each developer’s business is materialized in the speed and accuracy in which construction costs and scenarios are created.

Scenario creation is a special feature of DProfiler that helps predict real case situations and link them to the projects’ Cash Flow and Return on Investment.  A greater assertiveness is achieved in the decision making process when scenarios are substantiated with a real and tangible cost model and reducing liabilities.

By now you could be thinking of a possible scenario creation to develop so imagine you are at the conceptual phase of the Project surrounded by architectural proposals, models and renders; of course, all proposals are attractive but which actually maximizes the project’s financial forecasts?  How is the amount of glazing in each proposal affecting the Return on Investment?  Could a lower excavation depth optimize the project Cash Flow?

In order to resolve these doubts a developer may take months and this time represents a cost opportunity in an ever changing market.  BECK presents DProfiler so that innovation in the real estate industry can be achieved as uncertainties are reduced and time frames are shortened.

BECK is a leader company in the real estate industry that started operating over 100 years ago under the name HCB Contractors, Ltd.  The company has evolved and now offers design services, construction services, real estate services, and recently, technological solutions.  In 1996 BECK Technology, a subsidiary of BECK, was founded and today has presence in Mexico, Brazil, North Korea, and the US.

With 20 years of experience in the Mexican market, BECK Mexico maintains its mission to innovate in the real estate industry, in this case supporting the Decision Making Process with technological solutions.