The innovation behind Beck Technology stems from DESTINI: Design ESTimation INtegration Initiative.

DESTINI powers our groundbreaking software and applications, designed to simplify and improve construction estimating at every project phase:

  • DESTINI Profiler, powerful macro BIM software for conceptual estimating in 5D
  • DESTINI Estimator, powerful estimating software for more control over every detail of every phase of every project
  • DESTINI Optioneer, our in-house application for premium, in-depth consultative analysis

Each product in the DESTINI suite integrates seamlessly, creating an unprecedented, truly intelligent system for faster, more accurate construction design and estimating. From macro building information modeling (BIM) to next-generation estimating to design exploration, Beck Technology is focused on making the built environment innovative in all dimensions.

Both DESTINI Profiler and DESTINI Estimator share a common cost database, DESTINI Data Manager, providing a single cost database for both conceptual and detailed estimating. Cost data are updated continuously with every estimate, creating a gold mine of information for historical cost research and benchmarking.

DESTINI software is designed for flexibility and customization at every stage of the construction estimating process, creating continuity from the earliest concept phase through scheduling and construction. For example, 5D, cost-rich models created during preconstruction in DESTINI Profiler can be opened in DESTINI Estimator, forming the basis of the downstream estimating process. Alternatively, Microsoft-based DESTINI Estimator can be used from the very beginning of the project through project completion.

Empowered by DESTINI software, project teams become more efficient, projects move faster, estimates are more accurate, and the construction industry is revolutionized.


Design  Estimation  Integration  Initiative

DESTINI Estimator

Next-Generation Estimating Platform

An integrated estimating platform, DESTINI Estimator gives estimating teams greater customization and detail based on project and/or client.

DESTINI Profiler

Game-Changing Macro BIM

Industry-acclaimed preconstruction technology, DESTINI Profiler facilitates more informed decision-making, target value design, integrated project delivery, and lean methodology.

DESTINI Data Manager

Single-Source Cost Data and Content Management

A shared cost database application running behind the scenes of DESTINI Estimator and DESTINI Profiler, DESTINI Data Manager keeps costs and estimates organized; reduces manual entry; and keeps current, accurate information readily available.

DESTINI Optioneer

Informed Decision-Making

Using advanced algorithms, our in-house DESTINI Optioneer application enables our team to work with your project specifications to identify design trends, highlight multiple positive and negative trade-offs of project objectives, and replace “rule of thumb” decisions with more accurate and intelligent information.