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First Commercial Release of the DESTINI Suite for Integrated Project Preconstruction

By October 25, 2015 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Beck Technology, Ltd. announces the release of DESTINI Profiler 2015 1.0, DESTINI Estimator 2015 1.1, and DESTINI Data Manager 1.1. The three releases are part of the DESTINI suite of products and will allow users to take projects from the Macro-level to the Micro-level of detail while providing cost and information to manage projects more effectively.

Beck Technology was built on the foundation of providing solutions that enable better, more informed decisions, throughout the life of capital projects. Our technology is called DESTINI, an acronym for Design ESTimation INtegration Initiative. This release allows for a seamless transition from DESTINI Profiler (preconstruction and conceptual design software) to DESTINI Estimator (lightweight, robust estimating software) supported by DESTINI Data Manager (a database organizer). “We have a vision that by bringing more clarity to the preconstruction process our customers can make better more informed project decisions,” said Michael Boren, Director of Research and Development at Beck Technology. “The DESTINI suite release is a major milestone that enables our customers to establish project targets at the outset of a project and then manage the project against these targets thus providing a more collaborative and information rich platform that will result in better quality projects, delivered with more predictable costs and schedules.”

A high level list of features of DESTINI Profiler 2015 1.0 includes:
• Features affect grading
• Features render wireframe in interiors system
• Integration with DESTINI Data Manager
• Line item escalation/de-escalation enhancement
• More granular energy analysis
• Pad elevation
• Scale image during import enhancement
• Volume parametric variable for rooms
• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) cost report replaces previous cost reports

A high level list of features of DESTINI Estimator 2015 1.1 includes:
• Custom reporting with no limits that can be created by an estimator
• Ability to compare an unlimited number of estimates
• Able to merge multiple estimates into one
• Intuitive, flexible, and interactive custom reports
• Innovative customizable estimate comparison
• Live interactive dashboards
• Simple and easy to use
• Seamless transition from DESTINI Profiler that includes model intelligence
• Unlimited number of classifications can be assigned to cost items
• Unlimited amount of data such as planning, location, and images can be associated with cost items
• Unlimited WBS, unlimited sorting, unlimited filtering
• Customizable fees and indirect costs
• Quick and flexible cost escalation & de-escalation
• Fast and easy import of cost data from almost any source
• Innovative estimate specific assemblies

DESTINI Data Manager 2015 1.1 includes an updated infrastructure to allow for an integrated database management platform across all of the DESTINI suite applications as well as a significantly improved ability to import cost data from any source that supports copy and paste like Microsoft Excel.

“The industry is undergoing a lot of change,” said Stewart Carroll, Chief Operations Officer at Beck Technology. “Project design direction, budget and schedule are being locked in earlier and earlier. Innovative firms are utilizing technology to collaborate at the inception of capital projects and then manage the project as it evolves to ensure that design quality, cost, and schedule are maintained. I am thrilled that the DESTINI suite will provide clarity to our users enabling them to make better more informed decisions throughout the life of their projects resulting in higher quality projects delivered in a more predictable manner.”