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Do You Want a Bear Claw with That?

By September 5, 2014 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

At Beck Technology, we are pretty open about our development process in R&D.  If our clients are interested in how we do things, we’ll walk them through our process.  Our R&D team even speaks with R&D teams at other companies to determine the best way of handling situation “Foo” or accounting for scenario “Bar”.

One of the lesser known process points outside of R&D is how we code name our releases.  We started code naming our versions of DProfiler in 2009.  Our first code name was more of a joke and called Frito.  All joking aside, what comes after Frito?  My favorite dish: Beef Stroganoff.  Now how do you follow a code name as great as Beef Stroganoff? Luckily someone at Beck Technology told a story about a tomato stand he had as a child but had misspelled tomatoes on his sign.  Thus, the next code name was born: Tomtoes.  What comes after Tomtoes?  Mac-N-Cheese, of course.

After Mac-N-Cheese, we realized we needed to start taking this code name business seriously because picking random food names was not making any sense.  So now we have a formal process.  We started our naming over at the letter A, and each version moves on to the next letter in the alphabet; this finally gave order to the random chaos we had before.  Next we had to fix the issue of people just picking food names.  You can’t just go around picking random food names.  We settled on pastries.  Our 2014 DProfiler version came from Apple Fritter and the versions in development now all fall under Bear Claw.

What will come next?  We should probably start thinking about that one.