DESTINI Estimator replaces MC2

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An estimating platform that is no longer supported or developed is a digital paperweight. That paperweight is hindering your business from improving and it slows you down when you need to quickly adjust to project challenges.

DESTINI Estimator is a construction estimating software dedicated to being ahead of industry challenges with innovative technology solutions. Easy enough to get your company moving forward and powerful features to pursue more projects than before. Plus, Beck Technology’s technology road map eats paperweights for breakfast.

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Collaboration Abounds

DESTINI Estimator creates an environment for preconstruction professionals to collaborate in a seamless platform. With estimate versioning, team estimating, disconnected workflows, and a robust database the collaboration opportunities are weaved throughout the construction estimating software. Plus, with easy-to-use reports and dashboards you can brainstorm project ideas with people outside of preconstruction.

Supported By Beck Technology

Product support is important and having a support team that understands the high stakes world of preconstruction is paramount to getting assistance when you need it. Beck Technology’s support team is based in our Dallas headquarters and work alongside our development team to ensure solutions are implemented efficiently. Plus, our online support community is available whenever you need it and is a place for DESTINI Estimator users to share ideas, tips, tricks, and get the help they need from people who know exactly what you are going through on your project.


Enhancements Are Happening

The construction industry evolves and that means estimating software should stay ahead of the evolution. Beck Technology has an extensive technology roadmap that includes continuous enhancements to DESTINI Estimator. We build strong relationships with each of our customers so their input into how the estimating software functions are at the forefront of our development efforts. If you have an idea about a feature, mouse click, tab, etc. we truly want to hear it and collaborate with you on how we continue to make an estimating platform that pushes the construction industry forward.

Common Sense Integrations

Everyday functionality, like reporting, is second nature in DESTINI Estimator. Gone are the days of exporting estimate details to Excel in order to create reports that are comprehensive for customers. Beyond the built-in capabilities of DESTINI Estimator the platform also has seamless integrations with Autodesk and Procore with more coming on the horizon.

DESTINI Estimator integrations

Cost History Easily Captured

Capturing cost history is a breeze in DESTINI Estimator. Simple versioning automatically creates milestone estimates that are intuitive and easy-to-use cost history dashboards available to anyone within your company. Both regionally and locationally adjust past projects for comparisons and create simple but powerful parametric estimates at the conceptual phase of the project.

A Revolutionary Construction Estimating Software

DESTINI Estimator is a true estimating platform that:

  • encourages project team collaboration through multiple users in one estimate at the same time
  • supports disconnected workflows so whether you are in the office, at the project site, or in between the estimate can be accessed
  • integrates with Autodesk, Procore, and ConstructConnect
  • has built-in 2D takeoff as well as 3D takeoff
  • allows for custom reporting and branding
  • handles vast amounts of data
  • comes with training and implementation help directly from Beck Technology’s dedicated team
  • includes excellent technical support from our team in Dallas, Texas and an online community of DESTINI Estimator users