Quality, accurate data is essential to building a good estimate. However, the best data in the world won’t have a lot of meaning if an estimator isn’t able to share it quickly and efficiently with the people who need to see it, whether that’s a subcontractor, a fellow coworker, or a project owner. For a long time, centralizing data and making it easily accessible to anyone who needed to see it could often be a pretty complicated task. But now, with the advent of technology, sharing and accessing data has become much easier than it was decades ago.

One of the easiest ways that technology has improved data sharing is by eliminating the need for multiple tools and providing a centralized database that everyone can access regardless of what office they’re located in. For example, DESTINI Estimator, one of the major estimating softwares on the market, eliminates the need for a separate 2D/3D takeoff tool, and also offers the ability to build a customized database that estimators can use as a reference point or a collaboration tool if their company has multiple offices. Additionally, estimating software automates many of the processes estimators previously had to perform manually, which reduces time spent as well as errors, making it easier to share data between teams. All of these benefits also make it that much easier for preconstruction teams to produce faster results with greater accuracy.

More accurate results also means greater transparency and trust between the preconstruction team and the project owners. In order for a project to be successful, preconstruction teams need to be able to communicate clearly with project owners – both to receive pertinent information and to keep the project owner updated on progress, milestones, and other relevant news.  Additionally, being able to build trust with project owners helps general contractors win bids.

It’s more important than ever for general contractors to take advantage of these advances in technology to make collaboration and data sharing among key project teams easier than ever.

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