What Drives Us?


Whether it’s coding software or checking on a customer, we want to make sure the passion for our purpose and product shines through in every interaction. Our team believes we are making the world a better place by enabling customers to make better and more informed decisions throughout the life of their building projects resulting in a more transparent process and higher quality outcomes.


Founded from the construction industry coupled with a long history in the technology space has given us the ability to challenge the status quo and embrace change. Innovation is at the heart of everything we create! An innovative mindset keeps our technology current, introduces better processes, and insures we deliver world-class products to an ever changing industry. Collaborating with industry peers and our customers on our technology has created a platform demanded by forward-thinking firms.


Our team cares about the quality of our technology, the successes of our customers, and developing a dynamic work environment to maintain happy and caring team members. We are committed to the construction industry because we are ingrained in fixing pre-construction issues. From working with prospects all the way through our support efforts, Beck Technology goes above and beyond not because we have to but because we genuinely care.

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See Our Culture In Action

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