Beck Technology is Hitting the Road!

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The Advancing Preconstruction and Estimating (APE) Conference, the largest preconstruction conference in North America, has been largely successful because of its ability to provide an opportunity where industry leaders can come and talk about issues surrounding the industry, and provide possible solutions on how to tackle them. However, this event only takes place once a year.

Wanting to continue the conversation and communication with the preconstruction community, Beck Technology has since introduced roadshows.

A roadshow is a solution exercise event where industry peers can gather to tackle the biggest challenges in the preconstruction world. Roadshows will be hosted by Beck Technology and will be held throughout the year in various locations across the country. While networking opportunities are available, the purpose of a roadshow is to create a discussion. Ultimately, the goal of these roadshows is to challenge, disrupt, innovate the preconstruction industry, and make it better.

The first roadshow took place in Dallas, Texas and the challenges discussed during the event were: attracting and retaining talent, historical data, and clarity between owner and contractor. Each challenge was discussed in-depth and was answered with multiple possible solutions given by fellow participants.

The topics discussed in each roadshow will vary as it is voted in by the participants before the event. Attendees can range from seasoned professional to savvy estimators with a couple years of experience, as well as preconstruction professionals from general contractors to representatives from project owners. Beck Technology encourages a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences to create innovative perspectives.

Roadshows are designed to inspire conversations and to have participants collaborate with one another to meet a common goal, which is to better the industry. It also allows preconstruction firms to meet more than once a year and discuss potential solutions within their respective companies, rather than waiting on the next APE conference.

Beck Technology’s three core values consist of passion, innovation, and caring. The foundation of the roadshows is built on being passionate about innovating the industry and caring for the industry’s success.

Come be a part of the discussion and the movement to challenge, disrupt, and innovate the industry.

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