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Beck Tech Gives to North Texas Food Bank

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nourished community is a thriving community, and we are committed to serve as many of our neighbors in need as possible with the resources that the community makes available.

-North Texas Food Bank

North Texas, where Beck Technology calls home, is the sixth most food-insecure region in the country. One in every five children experiences food insecurity here.

The North Texas Food Bank, founded in 1982 to fight hunger in 13 Dallas counties, feeds up to 11,000 children a week through its Food 4 Kids, food pantry, and summer programs, as well as provides nutritious food to seniors and helps the community during disasters.

As part of our dedication to living our core values of passion, caring, and innovation, every month Beck Technology gives back to our community through our Beck Tech Cares initiative. Each month, one Beck Technology employee is nominated through receiving virtual accolades to chose which charity or organization we donate to.

Eric Fritsche, Head of Innovations Lab, is our most recent winner and he chose the North Texas Food Bank. Eric says:

I’ve always considered myself lucky in that growing up I never had to worry about having enough food to eat. Unfortunately, there are too many people, especially children for whom that is not the case. My wife is a teacher and one of the issues she encounters are students that struggle to commit in the classroom because they are hungry and have little to no food at home. It is difficult for these children to get ahead when they don’t know where their next meal will come from. I don’t believe that anyone should have to go without food, so to help battle food insecurity, I chose the North Texas Food Bank for my Beck Tech Cares gift.”

Like the gratitude we feel towards each other at Beck Technology, we feel passionate about extending that gratitude to the organizations that work hard to make not just our local communities better but work diligently at making the world better.

Our Beck Tech Cares program helps us stay committed to our mission to revolutionize the construction industry and remain anchored in our belief that we can make others’ lives better.

To donate to the North Texas Food Bank, click here.

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