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3 Reasons Why You Need a Support Team

By February 12, 2021 April 27th, 2021 No Comments

When you’re looking for a new estimating software, what features are at the very top of your list? You probably responded with something like: one unified platform that replaces multiple tools; comparison reporting; and unlimited sorting. You likely didn’t have “and a dedicated support team” in there.

In the age of Google, it’s often to easy to forget about the need for great support. A lot of people decide that if they do run into any obstacles, they can either just figure out a solution themselves or they can do a bit of online research and hopefully come to a solution. None of these tactics are bad, obviously – but the reality is that in the world of preconstruction, with never-ending deadlines looming around every corner, you may not always have the time to spend hours trying to understand why your reports are crashing.

That’s why we believe in having a dedicated support team for our clients here at Beck Technology. We are one of the few vendors who offers a real-live, in-house support team instead of a PDF guide or an outsourced agency. So why exactly is it so important to have this kind of technical support available at your fingertips? Let’s dive into three reasons why.

1). Saves time

As we mentioned above, one thing that estimators almost never have enough of is time. Hours can become precious when a project owner hits you with last-minute requests just as you’re trying to get said project out the door. Our support team knows this, and they’ll be available even at seven p.m. when you’re still at your desk. They know DESTINI Estimator like the back of their hand, so a problem that might have taken you hours to sort out will often only take them minutes.

2). Invites collaboration and innovation

Beck Technology has its own client community, where clients can go and submit support requests, read answers to commonly ask questions and other how-to guides, and interact with their peers. Some of the answers to our most challenging estimating obstacles have actually come about from peer discussion on our community page. Additionally, our support team is a way for clients to share not just a bug that they ran into, but also ideas about features to add to DESTINI Estimator in the next release, or how to make an already existing feature work even better.

3). Stand out from your competitors.

Sounds a little silly, right? How does a dedicated support team make you stand out from other general contractors? Well, when that support team is helping you knock out bugs or implement new and exciting features, you’re going to be seen as a pioneer of innovation. Not only that, but you’ll also have a lot more time on your hands to focus on the preconstruction work you actually want to be doing.

If you’d like to learn more about making your estimating efforts stand out with DESTINI Estimator, just click the button below.